Saturday November 14, 10am-6pm

Stella and Charles Guttman Community College

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At a Black Lives Matter conference hosted earlier this year by the Gender and Women’s Studies’ Department at the University of Arizona, some of the conversations turned to ideas of love. In the spirit of continuing and developing this conversation, the New York Metro American Studies Association (NYMASA) has chosen the theme of “Love” for our 2015 annual conference. We invite papers, presentations, performances, and exhibitions that explore the cross-disciplinary, transnational, and trans-historical possibilities embedded in the concept of love.

In addition to whatever topics you might imagine, we’d also ask you consider the following themes:

  • Love and sexuality; love as a contemporary discourse around same-sex marriage; love and pleasure; queer love, queer loving, queering love; love and sex, decoupled; love and gender

  • Love and politics; love as a political rationale; patriotism; love and the law

  • Love and objects: affections toward, through, and from material objects; objects of love; loving objects; object love; love and/of/through collections; love and hoarding

  • Love and non-violence

  • Love and humanity; love as a paradigm of the social

  • The Love Industrial complex; the honeymoon industry; the wedding industry; the diamond industry; the sex industry

  • Love and poetry; love poetry; sonnets

  • Love and the sublime

  • Love and the domestic; love and kinship; children as love; love and family; tough love; love and incest; renting kids and families

  • Love and work; work you love; amateurism v professionalism; love effacing work; loving work; love and labor; love and affective labor

  • Love and obsession; fetish

  • Love and classicism; Love and/in classical literature

  • Love and war; nationalism; love of country; fascism; love and political parties; love and demagogues

  • Love and religion; Love and Islam; Love and Judaism; Love and Christianity; Love and Buddhism; Love and/in the Bhagavad Gita; love and duty; prayer

  • Love and the sentimental tradition; affective love

  • Love and culture; love and popular culture; love and literature; representing love; representations of love

  • Love and its historical forms; fandom; fan love; celebrity love; Love in different times and places

  • Love advice; Savage love

  • Love and music; love songs; love and/in hip-hop

  • Love and New York; I (heart) New York

  • Love and/in prison; love as a prison; prison love

  • Love and money; love of money; love and class; love markets

  • Love and the 1960s; “LOVE”; All You Need Is Love

  • Love and friendship

  • Designing Love; engineering love; match-making

  • Digital Love; love sites; dating sites, marriage sites

  • Bad Love; heartbreak; love and hate; love and exploitation; love and paternalism; Civilization and Its Discontents

  • Love and the Other; love and animals; love and pets

  • Loving the Earth

  • Love and/in the arts; love and visual culture; love and/in photography