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American Masculinities

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Fri., November 1


Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities Seminar

“Boy’s Friendships”

Niobe Way, New York University

Stony Brook Manhattan (E. 26th St and Park Ave South)



Reception (Location TBA)


Sat., November 2



9:30am-10:45am Track I Sessions


Chair: Nate Mickelson, Guttman Community College-CUNY            

“Reconstructing a Gendered New York Skyline: The Use of Hyper-Masculinity in Post-9/11 Superhero Comics”

Shana Kraynak, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

“Creating ‘America’s Most Perfectly Developed Man’: Bodybuilding, Muscularity and American Manhood, 1899-1922"

John Palella, University at Albany

“’Iron Man’: Giles Corey and the Cult of Masculinity”

Sean Gerrity, The Graduate Center-CUNY


Public Spectacles  

Chair: Melissa Arredia, Fordham University

"Democratization of Dueling in America, 1800-1840"

Shauna Hann, Ohio State University

“Black Bodies, Mutilation, and Liberty: Racial Violence and White Representation in Post-Revolutionary Philadelphia”

Ric Caric, Morehead State University


11:00-12:15 Track II Sessions

Come Together: Intimacy, Fraternity, and Political Organization

Chair: Neil Meyer, La Guardia Community College 

“Through-Hikes and the Re-Creation of Men: The Appalachian Trail and Fraternity”

Jared Champion, Boston University

“Service without Singing: Manhood, Work, and Music in the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters”

Robert Hawkins, Bradley University

“Mr. Buchanan and His Wife: The Meanings of Male Intimacy in Antebellum American Politics”

Thomas Balcerski, Cornell University

“’If You Will Allow That We Are Men, Who Feel for Each Other’: David Walker, Henry Highland Garnet and the Mapping of Black Masculinity”

Anna Mae Duane, University of Connecticut


Marginalized Men

Chair: Justin Rogers-Cooper,
"Painting with Two Balls': Jasper Johns, Masculinity, and the New York School of Artists"

Robert Genter, Nassau Community College

"Men and Wood: Lumber and American Manhood from Paul Bunyan to Queer Bears"

Brian Martin, Williams College

"Hoodlums and Hermit Thrushes: Sound, Masculinity, and Performance Whistling, 1900-1939"

Craig Eley


Boys to Men

Chair: Holly Halmo, Rutgers University-Newark 

“James Franco’s Psychosexual Artistic Explorations of American Boyhood”

Dinah Holtzman, Rochester Institute of Technology

“My Father’s Tools: Fetishizing WWII Technology”

Jonathan M. Bullinger

“Long Gray Lines in the Sand: Gender, Belonging, and Brinkmanship at West Point”

Jason Hoppe, United States Military Academy


12:30pm-1:45pm Lunch


Michael Kimmel, Stony Brook University


2:00pm-3:15pm  Track III Sessions


Chair: Christopher Leslie, Polytechnic Institute of New York University 

“Whitman and the Counterjumper: Vanity Fair and Effeminate Masculinity in 1860s New York"

Ruth Bohan, University of Missouri-St.Louis

“Emerging Black Masculinities in Hip Hop”

Windsor Jordan Jr., Lehigh University

 “Homosocial Collaboration and Luminist Painting in 19th Century New York: The Art and Collections of John Kensett and James Suydam”

Katherine Manthorne, CUNY Graduate Center

“’What are you looking at?’ Ashcan Portraits, Manhood, and Modernity”

Alexis Boylan, University of Connecticut


Performance Anxieties: Staging Masculinities

Chair: Sarah Chinn, Hunter College-CUNY  

“Entertaining Performances of Gender: Bronson Howard’s Shenandoah and Late Nineteenth-century American Gender Roles”

Amy Beatrice Huange, University of Illinois

“The In/Visible and Individual Warrior: The Construction and Deployment of the Latino Soldier – World War II and the Iraq War”

Holly Halmo, Rutgers University-Newark 

“Muscular Action vs. Intellectual Control: Performing Conflicting Masculinities in the Astor Place Riot”

Karl M. Kippola, American University



Chair: Jennifer Wingate, St. Francis College 

“Men Will Be Men: The Visual Culture of Saloons and Brothels in 19th Century New York”

Amy Werbel, Fashion Institute of Technology

“’Transformation from Within’: Performing Masculinity at TEDx Marion Correctional and TEDx San Quentin”

Anne Rice, Lehman College-CUNY

“Racial Reconstruction of Legitimate Sexual Relations in Urban America:Dance-Hall Reforms in the Early-Twentieth-Century New York City”

Ayumu Kaneko, Meiji Universiy

“G.A.R. Post Rooms: A Study of Space, Memory and Masculine Identity in the Grand Army of the Republic”

Rachel Koppelman, Boston University



Plenary Roundtable

Moderator: Elizabeth Abele, SUNY Nassau Community College

David Leverenz, University of Florida

Robert Reid-Pharr, CUNY Graduate

Sarah Chinn, Hunter College-CUNY  

Tom Leger

Conference Programme