Saturday November 15, 10am-6pm

Stella and Charles Guttman Community College

Conference Registration



Registration and Breakfast

Atrium (1st Floor)



Welcoming Remarks

Information Commons (1st Floor)

Rosie Uyola, NYMASA President



Session I: Concurrent Panels

Vernacular Language – Room 410 (4th Floor)

Chair: Tyler Schmidt, Lehman College


Ikuko Fujiwara, St. John's University

Some day, I will mesh-codes: what vernaculars did to me as a non-native speaker of English

Tim W. Brown, writer and critic

City On The Make: How Chicago Invented Spoken Word Poetry In the 1980s

Nate Mickelson, Guttman Community College

“Raw Verbs and Raw Nouns”: Varieties of Language in Nuyorican Poetry


Visual Vernaculars – Room 510 (5th Floor)

Chairs: Zakiya Adair, University of Missouri

Leigh Claire La Berge, Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC CUNY)


Francine Tyler, New York University

The Vernacular of the Unemployed in the 1930s Interpreted by Engagé Artists at Union Square


Barbara Jaffee, University of deKalb

Measure and Design in American Vernacular Modernism


Shelley Salamensky, U. Louisville

Spectres of the Faux-Local: Site-Specific 'Vernacular' in Multinational Corporate Discourse


Sonya Abrego, Bard Graduate Center

Branded: how cattle branding became corporate branding in the twentieth century



Session II: Concurrent Panels


Vernacular Landscapes – Room 410 (4th Floor)

Chair: Rosie Uyola, Rutgers University - Newark


Samantha Boardman, Rutgers University

All Consuming: Images of American Cultural Citizenship in the ‘Total Landscape’

Dominique Zino, LaGuardia Community College

Mind, Media, and Techniques of Remediation, 1860-1910

Eliza Butler, Columbia University

"Art of the People": Frank Millet's Murals for the Hudson County Courthouse and Popular Illustration


Spotlight: Zora Neale Hurston – Room 510 (5th Floor)

Chair: Christopher Leslie, NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering


Eric M. Glover, Princeton University

"Say, Matt, Gimme a Jint or Two of Dat Green Cane--Dis Ribbon Cane Is Hard.":

Politics and Religion in The Mule-Bone: A Comedy of Negro Life in Three Acts (1931) by Langston Hughes and Zora Neale Hurston           

Gillian Johns, Oberlin College

The Metaphor of Vernacular: From Dialect to Idiom in the Theory and Practice of James Weldon Johnson and Zora Neale Hurston

Mark Sussman Hunter College, CUNY

The Discipline of Writing: Hurston, Speech, and the Transcriptive Paradigm


Sonic Vernaculars – Room 403 (4th Floor)

Chair: Sophie Bell, St. John’s University


Kimberly J. Banks, Queensborough Community College

Katherine Dunham’s Uses of Haitian Folk Culture

Alexandre Benson, Bard College

Alternating Sounds and Ayaya Songs

Terence Kumpf, TU Dortmund University

Linguistic Hotbed: (e-)Merging Vernaculars in Bi- and Multilingual Hip-Hop in Germany and the United States

Kathleen Hulser, Pace University

Scabby Fragments as Classroom History: Beats & Punks through Ephemeral Sources



Lunch – Atrium and Information Commons (1st Floor)



Session III: Concurrent Panels


Vernacular Politics – Room 410 (4th Floor)

Chair: Christine Marks, LaGuardia Community College

Special Respondent: Duncan Faherty, CUNY Graduate Center


Jesse W. Schwartz, LaGuardia Community College

The Distribution of ‘Common Sense”: The Russian Revolution, The Saturday Evening Post and the Vernaculars of Popular Politics

Justin Rogers-Cooper, LaGuardia Community College

Sentimental Novels of the 1877 General Strike and the Labor Theory of Value


Vernaculars of Violence – Room 510 (5th Floor)

Chair: Benjamin R. Beede, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey


Helis Sikk, The College of William and Mary

Digital Vernaculars of Violence: Online Aesthetics and anti-LGBTQ  Hate Crime

Jennifer Wager, Essex County College

Racism and Violence in the American Visual Vernacular

La Tanya Autry, University of Delaware

Uncomfortable Constructions-Collective Memory/Violence



Roundtable – Information Commons (1st Floor)

Moderator: Sarah Chinn, Hunter College


Dohra Ahmad, St. John’s University
Shondel Nero, New York University
Paul Shaw, Paul Shaw Letter Design
Shante Smalls, St. John’s University
Jennifer Wingate, St. Francis College



Opening Reception – Atrium and Information Commons (1st Floor)



Poetry Reading and Open Mic

Kevin Barbosa

Brian Alarcon

Alex Atanasov

Please enjoy food and drink while listening to local poets



Closing Reception